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From superannuation to insurance, tax and investment strategies. Every one of these plays a pivotal part in securing your future. Want to know how?

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9 out of 10 Australians retire on less than 040,000 a year. This is far below a comfortable living standard, and a very sad statistic given we are supposed to be ‘the lucky country’. The 2 main reasons most of us are doomed are poor super performance and lack of quality advice. In 2017 Virtue Planning helped save 48 retirements with better super performance and planning. Are you on track to become a sad statistic? Contact us to find out!

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Do you insure your car? Do you insure your house or contents? What about your life, your health or your ability to generate income? Are you just going to rely on the default insurances in your super if something goes wrong? Here’s a newsflash, unless you’re speaking with an adviser regularly about your personal insurances, there’s a pretty good chance that you don’t have the correct policies for the best prices. In 2017 Virtue Planning’s clients had a 100% success rate on insurance claims. Are you going to keep telling yourself the same old story that ‘everything will be fine’? Or are you going to take control today? Contact us to get the best advice for your insurance!

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Retirement Planning

As we get older, all the rules about money start changing. Fortunately, most of these changes are in our favour… but only if we take advantage of them! For instance, if you are in your late 50s and still working, there is almost a certainty that you can restructure your finances in a much more clever way to pay less tax and boost your retirement assets. Most Australians do not know this, and they tend to think it is too late to do anything meaningful about their retirement. But the reality is the opposite – if you’re approaching retirement, or even if you’re already retired, you still have huge opportunities that you can take advantage of that will make a serious difference. It doesn’t stop there either. The earlier you sort out your retirement plan the better. It’s never too late. Contact us to find out how!

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We are one of the most taxed countries in the world. Most of us are taxed a great deal of our income, but still end up poor in retirement. Fortunately, however, with quality advice, you can take advantage of the very many opportunities that are available to you to make better use of your tax money. Have you ever wondered why rich people seem to get away with paying tax? It’s not because they know how to beat the tax system, it’s because they have sought good advice. Contact us to see how you can make better use of your tax money!

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The Virtuous Collective is the coming together of two great companies – Virtuous Finance & Virtue Planning. After 10 successful years in both industries founder Bryce Jenkins thought it was about time to show his clients the real power of comprehensive financial services. Bryce has been highly successful in using his knowledge in both industries to propel himself forward, and he wishes to share this knowledge with you.

The Virtuous Collective aims to educate, motivate and strategise by demonstrating just how every financial service is interlinked in some way. For instance, your home loan effects your retirement plan, your retirement plan will be determined by your super, super & personal insurance go hand in hand, and of course personal investments, taxation and estate planning come into play in all of these areas.

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All information from The Virtuous Collective is NOT to be perceived as personal financial advice. Any information that may be perceived as advice is completely general in nature and should NOT be acted upon. Please do not make ANY financial decisions without receiving personalised financial advice from a qualified financial adviser. Whilst all efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of information presented, we can not guarantee the accuracy of this information and a lot of the information we present is biased, opinionated and for entertainment purposes.

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